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The marketplace will go online in spring 2018 - with up to 100 percent cashback on every purchase. Before that, the REME-Coin will be issued in an ICO. Don't miss our limited bonuses and special promotions:

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REME-COIN Explained

On’s marketplace, users can acquire new and used products with up to 100 percent cashback. Our vision is to create the necessary legal and technical requirements so that users can simply pay anywhere worldwide (online & offline) with REME-Coins to receive up to 100 percent cashback on everything they buy (new & used) – with no additional steps required. marketplace MVP-Preview

In this video,‘s product manager Henry Raupach will walk you through a preview of our marketplace (MVP version).


Interview with Mario Peter (CEO) and Sascha Jonas (CTO) about cashback, data privacy protection and investing in REME-Coins.


The whitepaper describes the economic fundamentals and strategies for the REME-Coin and the marketplace. In it you will learn everything about the market potential, our business model and marketing, our team as well as details about the potential for increasing the value of REME-Coins, our roadmap and the REME-Coin pre-sale itself.

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About us

Clever shopping.

Our team shares the vision to start the new marketplace of the next generation. This marketplace will be accessible through a premium website and a mobile application and is based on open-source technologies.

Thanks to our financially strong investors, we will be able to fulfil our dream of making this vision a reality. We also believe that our innovation, motivation and our team spirit are important factors that will help us realise this vision.

Based on these factors we founded our start-up in late 2015. Our office is located in the heart of Berlin and we are momentarily looking for new team members who want to work with us and help us in making our vision a success.


Higher Cashback Faster

Many companies have recognized the high demand for cashback, coupons and other saving opportunities. However, existing cashback systems exhibit substantial weaknesses such as low cashback, cashback included in higher product prices, unattractive award systems etc. This opens up a huge potential for, as responds to customers’ needs much more consistently. Among others we offer the following unique advantages (USP’s):

Unlimited Cashback allows up to 100 percent cashback for both online and participating offline stores (boutiques, restaurants, etc.) and even for used items. users can influence the amount of their daily cashback payments themselves through various platform activities, such as inviting new active users, participating in surveys or writing helpful product reviews. Already after their first purchase, users receive cashback payments in daily amounts. This happens until up to 100 percent of their purchases are fully repaid.

Fast Payout

In order to increase the payout speed, introduces the REME-Coin, which makes it possible to pay out advertising revenues immediately as cashback. For users, the REME-Coin, as part of the cashback amount, is available in their wallet app within 24 hours. Additionally users receive cashback in fiat currency (EUR / USD).

Ease Of Use

For the use of all advantages such as up to 100 percent cashback on all online and offline purchases as well as on new and used goods, it is sufficient to simply pay with the REME-Coin. The more the acceptance of the REME-Coin expands, the more exciting this option becomes.

High Willingness To Buy customers receive up to 100 percent cashback from advertising revenues for all their purchases on This encourages the willingness to spend more and accelerates purchasing decisions. For example, a recent study shows that consumers spend an average of 30 percent more money when they receive cashback (source: Cashback Industry News ). customers are also loyal customers, as they are incentivized to always select products available on first because they receive up to 100 percent cashback.

Free Of Risk Access To Buyers

There will be zero product listing fees for sellers. Sellers can present their products to the growing worldwide cashback community free of charge. Sales commissions are below the market average, resulting in lower sales prices. This offers sellers perfect conditions to access a multitude of potential customers with a buyer readiness far above average because of’s cashback system.

Perfect Targeting

Validated user data, made available on the marketplace in real time, provide effective and efficient advertising opportunities. Sellers can, for example, address exactly those users who are looking for their products right now.

Exklusive Advertising Forms

Advertisers and retailers not only benefit from the enormous advantages of the marketplace, but also have exclusive access to innovative and effective advertising formats. They are available only with the REME-Coin. Example for the exclusive advertising forms: recommendation ads ( has developed a new advertising format that can disseminate a message or advertisement virally in a short time to target groups or entire regions).

Validated User Data

In contrast to many social and search advertising platforms,’s user data are validated. has available extensive user data, which form a high-quality user profile over time, that allows advertisers to identify, select and target precise user interests and purchase intentions. This user profile is updated in real time and made available to the advertiser when selecting specific target groups.

IAB Standard Advertising Media Available offers advertisers the following media: display, mobile, video and e-mail/newsletter. All IAB standard advertising media are available as well as customer-specific advertising formats. The access to the inventory can be done via a private marketplace or via DSP. Registered advertisers have the possibility to place campaigns via a self-booking service.


Win-Win Unlimited’s product categories are unlimited. Even large corporations and service providers want already now list their services on in an effort to give their customers access to up to 100 percent cashback. Listing products on is easy and free. More and more small and big sellers are giving in to their customers’ requests to list their products on Active users receive lifelong cash back on all sales ever made in shops they have referred to – simply via their personal invite link.

Want Up To 100% Cashback On A Pizza?

Even offline shops and stores such as boutiques and restaurants can list their products and services on free of charge. This way they can offer their customers the unique advantage of getting up to 100 percent of the money spent in their offline stores back as cashback. In’s mobile app the fast growing user community will be notified of participating offline stores nearby their current location.

Up To 100% Cashback On Private Sales enables something never heard of, namely up to 100 percent cashback for purchases of used items, even in private transactions from user to user. Possibilities on are virtually unlimited when it comes to ways, products and entities involved in the generation of up to 100 percent cashback.

Self Booking System gives advertisers direct access to the inventory. This can be done via a private marketplace or via DSP. Registered advertisers have the possibility to place campaigns via a self-booking service. guarantees a safe environment (BrandSafety) and offers the possibility of exclusion, e. g. not presented at the same time as competing products or in undesired industries.


Team Member Carolina

Carolina Aranda

Team Member Mariia

Mariia Bilokon

Team Member Yasmin

Yasmin Cakmak

Team Member Jessica

Jessica Fabel

Team Member Celine

Celine Felber

Team Member Philipp

Philipp Glogowski

Team Member Anna

Anna Jagielska

Team Member Jonas

Sascha Jonas

Team Member Jörg

Jörg Kandziora

Team Member Chaima

Chaima Khlaief

Team Member Anna

Anna Klobus

Team Member Michael

Michael Kuhlmann

Team Member Trinh

Luu Viet Trinh Le

Team Member Sebastian

Sebastian Lorenz

Team Member Amine

Amine Mouzannar

Team Member Marek

Marek Muciek

Team Member Nilambari

Nilambari Patil

Team Member Peter

Mario Peter

Team Member Nadja

Nadja Ramsaroop

Team Member Henry

Henry Raupach

Team Member Dmitry

Dmitry Sagoyan

Team Member Olli

Oliver Schwab

Team Member Rajasiman

Rajasiman Srinivasan

Team Member Marcus

Marcus Stöckel

Team Member Dominic

Dominic Trautwein

Team Member Alla

Alla Wesnin

Team Member Nadja

Nadja M. M. Elias

Team Member Barna

Barna Kocsis

Team Member Marco

Marco Mertens

Team Member Marc

Marc Renner

Team Member Christof

Christof Schwab

Team Member Christopher

Christopher Zschorlich


Adviser István Cocron

István Cocron

Adviser Jens Adam

Jens Adam

Patrick von der Gönna

Patrick von der Gönna

Adviser Matthias Affeld

Matthias Affeld

Adviser Sylvio Schiller

Sylvio Schiller

Adviser Daniel Arber

Daniel Arber

Our Values


We believe that integrity is built of trust, loyalty and honesty and it is therefore important to us that these values are shown in our team and are also represented by each member to the outside world.


We think that professionality is shown through excellent and determined work. It is not only important to be innovative but also to have ideas that can be put into practice – we are lucky to be financially strong enough to turn our visions into practice. It is mandatory for us to keep a professional working climate in our company which is also enabled through continuing education.


Not only our ideas should be innovative, but also our employees. This means that they should be willing to learn, full of ideas and open-minded. It is essential for us and part of our philosophy to plan forward and always keep a good progress in mind.

Capacity for teamwork

Teamwork is important to us. Therefore we like to cooperate with each other and work together rather than separately as single players. There are no high hierarchies in our team as we believe that everyone should be treated equally and with respect. A good social environment is essential for a positive working atmosphere. For this reason we want each member of our team to feel happy and comfortable in the office. Above all, work should be fun - we believe that a joyful atmosphere will lead to better results in the job.


We believe that independence in a team is just as important as it is to work together. Every team member is seen as an individual who brings his own ideas and creativity to the team. Everyone should be determined to fulfil our vision, as well as committed to the job. A “can do” attitude is important to us, which allows the individual to work with passion and enthusiasm.


We think it’s important to keep our employees’ health in mind. For this reason, we try to provide a working environment which will help the team members to stay mentally and physically healthy. This is done through the help of various drinks and freshly made smoothies, as well as stand-workbenches, ergonomic chairs and fitness mats. Also our daylight lights help in achieving a healthy working atmosphere – supports a healthy lifestyle.


Become part of our vision, and our team! We are looking for new members of our team and are determined and motivated to work with us and have their own innovative ideas. We look forward to meeting you and working together in a nice environment. Feel free to apply now!

Open positions / vacancies:

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